Site created: I am working on downloads

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Site created: I am working on downloads

Post  Notune on Fri Nov 16, 2007 7:08 pm

I have JUST created the site recently. I am still struggling to get the downloads section up properly, but that is the only thing out of place.

I have gotten the projects section up, people can post their RM2k3 game projects on there ONLY. People that do not have RM2k3 projects, please go elsewhere, this site is only supportive of Enterbrain's Rm2k3. Please find another site to do so. Also, do not make me think that it is actually RM2k3, when it used to be in RM2k. I can spot the errors. I am, moderating the forums as we speak. I am not letting anyone submit a download until it has been checked by Satrus admin and other moderators and active staff. Also, please do not submit anything more than the global space limit. You can see that on your post page. If the downloads is not working, please host it on our favorite sharing site: . That is all to today's updates. Read more in the articles section. Good luck with your game!

- Notune


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